SKIN REGIMEN TRIPEPTIDE CREAM Age-defense anti-pollution moisturizer


This highly concentrated and multitasking daily face moisturizer protects the skin from stress, pollution, and aging, while stimulating new collagen for a visibly firmer and well-hydrated complexion.
The power of Palmytoil Tripeptide-5 -for lines and wrinkles correction - Dandelion extract - detoxifying and anti-pollution - along with three organic superfoods, help to contrast cellular aging for visibly younger-looking, glowing skin. Plant-based, vegan-friendly formula. Cooling, massageable, light-balm texture, ideal for all skins with first signs of aging.
For all skin conditions. Ideal for first signs of aging and fatigue and in warm, humid climates.
91,8% natural origin ingredients 100% natural aroma 86/100 Yuka score


At night, after the selected booster, apply the mask on face and neck. Massage the product onto the skin with movements from the center outwards. Leave on all night. Cleanse the face the following morning.
PRO TIP: Take 3 minutes of your time to apply the mask following the /skin regimen/Mindful Massage, designed to enhance its rebalancing benefits and put you in the right mood before bedtime.