ESSENTIAL -Cleanse, renew and tone your skin with gentle, custom solutions

ESSENTIAL -Cleanse, renew and tone your skin with gentle, custom solutions


Designed for a revitalizing daily routine, the Essential line uses oil-based surfactants and hydrating sugar beets extract, to gently cleanse, remove makeup, and tone skin. 

With differentiated formulas and textures, each product eliminates impurities while protecting the skin barrier to ensure each skin type can find its perfect mate!  

Clean skin is fundamental in your routine for immediate and long-term glow.  

An effective yet gentle approach is needed since aggressive cleansing can remove your skin’s natural protective barrier, causing “tight skin,” redness, and itching or leading to excessive sebum production.  

That’s why we have created a collection of gentle cleansers for daily use, including a lush milk, a face wash and an all-in-one micellar water to remove impurities with or without water. An alcohol-free toner and two exfoliators restore skin vitality. 


The combination of Betaine, a natural osmolyte extracted from sugar beets, and Jojoba Spheres or Papaya Enzymes 
provides an extraordinary silkening action. 


Silky, creamy and foaming cleansers formulated with rich natural-origin ingredients and with no aggressive surfactants. Choose the best for your skin and combine with Essential Toner morning and evening.  

We recommend exfoliators up to twice per week for maximum impact. Select the Scrub with jojoba natural spheres for normal, resistant skin. Try the enzymatic peeling Scrub if you have sensitive or mature skin.

FREE FROM silicones, animal derivatives, mineral oil, artificial colorants. 

Suitable for vegans. 

CLINICALLY PROVEN EFFICACY. Dermatologically tested.  



with renewable resources 

Recyclable CO2 compensated packaging. 

Recycled certified FSC paper.